Community expressing support for UnifiEd despite Rhonda Thurman comments

Education advocate UnifiEd is continuing their mission to find proper leadership for Hamilton County Schools after details of the Ooltewah rape case surfaced.

People in the community are expressing their support for the nonprofit.

"Rhonda Thurman says, I went into my office and I seen hundreds of emails and they all looked alike, I read the first three and after I read them I threw them all away," said Ezzard Robinson.

Monday night's UnifiEd meeting was the first one since school board member Rhonda Thurman called out the organization.. and its executive director Elizabeth Crews.

Those at the meeting were upset by Thurman's claims she deleted emails from her constituents.

"How am I gonna write something to a school board member if she's admitting she gonna throw them away," Robinson said.

At the meeting last Thursday, Thurman said " There are people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars that are heads of organizations that find great pleasure in sticking their finger in our eye and taking credit for things they have no right to take credit for."

Thurman says she deleted emails signed by her constituents.. that were formed by UnifiEd.

"When I get forum letters, a hundred of them that say the same thing, just signed by a hundred different names, trust me after the fourth or fifth one, they all got deleted," she said.

Quenston Coleman says "I just thought she was expressing her viewpoint and not the viewpoint of the people she represents."

School board member Karitsa Mosley attended tonight's meeting.

She says she received 150 emails and none of them were deleted.

Community members say they support UnifiEd and the work it's doing for education in Hamilton County.

" To go out and be the listening ears so they can galvanize a community interest and get them to have an input to the process," said Coleman.

Elizabeth Crews responded to those claims last week.

She says she also sent us public information about her salary showing she does not make as much as Thurman claimed.

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