Local college students helping with Irma Relief

Southern Adventist University students held a benefit Saturday to help with Irma relief. A bake sale was a large part of how they raised more than $3,500. (Image: WTVC)

Students at Southern Adventist University took matters into their own hands to help with Irma relief. They held a benefit Saturday to raise money for clean up.

Community members at the event enjoyed live music and a bake sale. Students made all the desserts.

Blood Assurance was there to collect blood donations.

Students also sold $15 dollar t-shirts that read, "Help in the heart of the hurricane." Sophomore Casey Goldring designed the shirts.

"I believe that young people have a lot more power than we get credit for," said Casey Goldring. "And just one person making an effort can make a ripple effect. And this is just my one piece in helping."

A spokesperson for the university says students raised more than $3,500. They'll donate that money to the Samaritan Center. The organization will then will connect with Florida agencies, that will use the money for Irma relief and clean up.

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