Cleveland home gone missing in midst of popular TV show

tiny home in Cleveland

Ben and Rebecca Richards came to Cleveland in the winter of 2018 to be a part of the A&E show Tiny House Nation. The plan was to build the home in Cleveland using local company Tiny House Chattanooga, and then move the family of four to Nashville to start a new journey. The Richards' episode aired in early May, but problems with the home and money began much earlier.

On February 11th, Ben and Rebecca found themselves in general sessions court in Bradley County fighting for the right to remain living in the home that was quoted to cost 157 thousand dollars to build. The result of that visit left the Richards without a home, and a feeling of disappointment and betrayal. The Richards were under the impression the title to the home was under their name, but it was later discovered that it was listed under Tiny House Chattanooga. Mike Bedsole was the person the family ended up going to as a point of contact, as Bedsole promised to build them a safe home with special materials that were not toxic. The Richards believe the home did not meet all of their design specifications, and are skeptical that it cost the full 157 thousand to construct.

As 2019 came, communication between Bedsole and the Richards became frayed,

In around late January the builder Mike Bedsole really stopped communicating with us about what was going on with our house.

Bedsole would be evicted from his location in Cleveland, while property managers tell me Bedsole owed 16 thousand dollars before he left the property.

The Richards suspected something was not right and began moving belongings out of the home even before a judge ordered them to leave the home in ten days. Shortly after, Rebecca went to to the property to confront Bedsole about being suspicious he would take the trailer and home. Eventually, the home became missing and Bedsole has not been heard from in months. Now leaving the Richards family out of thousands of dollars and a home, the family was left few other options but to drive back home to California to stay with family. In total, Ben Richards tells me they spent around 40 thousand dollars from the whole Tiny House Nation experience. Including eleven and a half thousand dollars for a trailer that the Richards don't even have possession of anymore, taxes on materials, food, flights, hotels, and more.

Now in late June of 2019, the family trying to figure out their next steps, as Bedsole and their home have yet to be found.

The Richards were alerted of their home being placed for sale online by a third party. Who after the Richards reached out to the seller, they realized the situation and removed it from open listings. The seller says he was contacted by Mike Bedsole to sell the home which was listen in Cleveland.

We reached out to Mike Bedsole and he did not respond.

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