Cleveland High school students brainstorm to make a 'cool, new ride' for 5-year-old

Image: WTVC

A dozen Cleveland High school students are brainstorming ways they can help make life for a five-year-old a little brighter.

Malachi Carroll loves to play and laugh with his mom, Leah.

"He was meant to be here and he's here for a reason," Leah said.

Malachi was born four months premature and without a heartbeat. Brain damage took away his fine motor skills.

His parents have a big surprise lined up for him this Christmas.

Leah says Malachi has a need for speed. That's exactly why she plans to get him a 'wild thing.' It's a ride on vehicle built for a child.

A special group of mechatronic students at Cleveland High School will customize it to meet Malachi's needs.

They plan to add a remote control so Malachi's parents can steer for him.

They will also give him the power to operate it by himself.

"They're talking about possibly switch adapting it," Leah said.

"If he pushes the switch with his gross motor movements, it could possibly make it go."

Nathan Pan and his classmates spent Tuesday brainstorming.

"He can control like a dinosaur roar or have some music playing to him while he's rolling around," Pan said.

"It does go fast," Leah said.

"I think having that opportunity for him is just going to blow his mind."

It will give him a chance to just be a kid.

"He can be a five-year-old boy," Leah said.

"He can be 100 yards away from mom and dad and still do something fun."

"I have the chance to help and make the future better for people with needs like his," said senior Lauren Goldston.

A project that will have a two-fold effect.

"They [will] realize the power that they have at their fingertips and how they can use it to help families like mine," Leah said.

The students will start working on the project this week. They hope to present it to Malachi around Christmas.

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