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City of Chattanooga takes closer look at what 'The Bend' will bring to Riverfront

Image: Waterhouse PR
Image: Waterhouse PR
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City Council discussed a new zone Tuesday that developers want to add closer to the river, and talked about what can be built there as a part of a new multi-million dollar development plan.

"The Bend" is set in motion to transform the Alstom old industrial site on the Riverfront into a neighborhood with restaurants, a marina and more.

The mixed use development, approved by Chattanooga's Planning Commission, will bring 12 story buildings to the Scenic City.

Phase 1 of The Bend started in 2020 and phase 2 will begin in the second quarter of 2022.

The development is estimated to take 10 years for a full build and officials say it's already create 750 new jobs, with thousands more expected.

Plans for the development include shops, restaurants, green space, a marina and canal district, residential buildings, and an entertainment district.

See the full plan for The Bend below:

Parker says she believes the zoning ordinance is for the overall development site, and not The Bend.

District 7 Councilwoman Raquetta Dotley say City Council will review the developers plans and discuss rezoning options to accommodate these plans, since she says the current code doesn’t specifically address what "The Bend" wants to accomplish.

City Council approved an amended ordinance on Tuesday.

Read the ordinance below:

According to the ordinance, "The Riverfront zone in the Bend is intended to accommodate a wide variety of uses and building types in a manner that addresses and maintains views to the river and reflects the history of the area."

Chattanooga City Council already approved the zoning for an 11-story building going on this site and on Tuesday they approved for the project to expand all the way to the river.

The Riverfront area is already home to hundreds of people living in apartments, town homes and businesses and is known for its scenery.

We spoke to Parkway Pourhouse's manager who says they are excited to hear about these new developments because of the business it will bring to the area.

Beth Ellis has lived in Chattanooga her whole life and enjoys riding her bike along the Riverfront.

She enjoys the area’s natural beauty, but is open to change.

“It's a piece of my heart for sure. So I kind of don't like when it changes, but I do at the same time. Because it's exciting. And it has changed a lot," says Ellis.

Developers say preserving that beauty is a priority.

“I think roughly 25% of our site is dedicated park space.” says developer Jimmy White. “We really haven't even scratched the surface yet. And hopefully with the zoning, passing and I, you know, that will allow us to expand upon that.”

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