UPDATE: Cheesecake Factory hopes to open at Hamilton Place "by the end of the year"

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UPDATE (July 16th):

On Monday, we stopped by Hamilton Place Mall and saw construction had begun on the new Cheesecake Factory. See more here.

UPDATE (June 27th):

The development office of the Cheesecake Factory told us they hope to open a new restaurant at Hamilton Place Mall "by the end of the year."

Our regular check of the Chattanooga Land Development Office website revealed Tuesday morning that a permit has now officially been issued.

The website says, "RCC and The Cheesecake Factory have been working together for over 25 years. RCC has completed over 70 projects for the Cheesecake Factory restaurants as we continue to provide world class construction service for them across the U.S. These fast-track projects are known for their intricate design and high-end finishes including wood, stone, and detailed faux finishes. The construction of these 12-15,000 SF restaurants typically runs from 14 to 16 weeks.”

See more below:

Depend on us to keep you posted.


NewsChannel 9 has confirmed further proof that the Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain has expressed interest in opening a franchise at Hamilton Place Mall.

A permit application information posted on the website of the Chattanooga Land Development Office shows the chain wants to build a restaurant on the Sears side of the mall, at 2100 Hamilton Place Boulevard.

NewsChannel 9 reported last week about the restaurant chain's interest. There is also talk of a Dave & Buster's restaurant opening at the mall.

The Cheesecake Factory made the filing on June 15th.

Marketing director Kim Lyons Carson told us this is part of the Sears Redevelopment.

Carson says CBL can not confirm or deny that either company will be there for a fact. She says this is only the first stage, and talks have only started.

This is a developing story. Depend on us to keep you posted as we learn more.

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