Chatter Camp helps kids communicate without speaking

Chatter Camp helps kids communicate without talking

Summer camps are happening all over the place right now, focusing on different themes and skills. But one camp at Signal Centers isn't just about fun and friendship, it's about helping children who have a hard time communicating learn to make a connection.

A group of children sitting together, listening to a story. It happens in classrooms all the time. But take a close look at what is happening around the circle at Signal Centers. "They are looking for different icons. We build sentences individually with words." Molly Littleton is the director of Signal Center's Chatter Camp. "These children have difficulty being understood or difficulty talking at all, but often they have the ability they just don't have the tools to use. We teach them to use these tools to talk."

Each child has a communication device, often on a iPad. Though speaking is difficult, communicating is getting easier. Kylie is 15 years old. She uses her eyes to choose icons on a screen to answer questions. "How does it feel to be able to use a computer to talk to people? I feel excited."

And now, this device is helping her make friends, too, like 10 year old Karmiah. This kind of relationship that Camp Chatter is all about. "Communication is the key to open the world," Littleton says.

Teaching the 12 campers that you don't necessarily have to talk to make a connection.

For more information about Signal Centers, visit their website here.

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