Chattanooga's first "co-living" apartments ready for tenants

The historic building on Georgia Avenue is now offering a unique living opportunity.

The saying goes, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery."

But in the case of the Tomorrow Building on Georgia Avenue, tenants can expect creativity and networking, steps away from their front doors.

It's called "co-living."

"'Co-living' has become popular and trendy in cities like San Francisco and New York City, but no where in the southeast has done it like we have here," says Stephanie Hays of Lamp Post Group.

Lamp Post Group purchased the historic building to create 39 apartments. Each of them has a bathroom and kitchenette. However, the larger cooking, dining, and living spaces are shared. The group hopes the communal spaces will encourage tenants to share ideas and concepts, while separate rooms offer the privacy found in typical apartment complexes.

"It's the best of both worlds because you can be by yourself, but at the same time, you can be around people," says temporary tenant Tim Jones.

The Lamp Post Group, who provides funding and support for innovators, saw the value in trying something new.

"It's just a natural move to bring that home for the residential piece. I think it will really help people new to Chattanooga that don't know where to get started to have neighbors that are making things happen," adds Hays.

Short leases are available for visitors considering a move to Chattanooga. There are also 12-month leases for residents who already reside here.

"It's definitely something for this time and age. It'll be interesting to change it up a little but with where you live. It'll be pretty fun," says resident Seth Charest.

There are still units available in the Tomorrow Building. You can learn more about the available apartments here.

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