Chattanoogans open up their homes to those evacuating Florida

shell Luccketta prepares her home for guests. (Image: WTVC)

The Tennessee Valley is known for it's generosity and that's happening now as people in Chattanooga open their doors for those affected by Hurricane Irma.

shell Luccketta cleaned her house on Thursday, in preparation for her guests.

She doesn't know much about them, except that they saw a post on Facebook.

She's not even sure how a couple from Florida came across it but she's glad they did.

"Just to think of the devastation that can happen. It's frightening," Luccketta said.

shell and her husband decided to open up their home.

"I have a lot of work to do!" shell said as she cleaned her house.

She only had two days notice.

"I took the day off from all the million things that I do. Just started getting towels and blankets and water and food," she said.

After seeing the horrible images of Houston after the hurricane, shell didn't want to just sit on the sidelines as Irma reared her ugly face.

"Desperation. Like, wow, what can we do to help," she said.

We saw many other posts on Facebook.

Even churches are opening up their doors.

First Baptist of Chattanooga is opening up its lodge on Chickamauga Lake.

They already have a couple of families staying there.

"Whatever we have and whatever we can do to help and provide we're willing and able to do as best we can," pastor Thomas Quisenberry said.

shell says she rarely worries about WHO is coming.

She trusts that good faith and good people will be sent her way.

"Family and friends.. there's plenty of room. If you need to get out of Florida, please do come," shell said.

First Baptist of Chattanooga says you can call them at 265-2257 if you know someone who needs a place to stay.

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