Chattanooga woman talks to family in Bahamas for first time after the storm

After days without word, Savannah Luttrell has finall heard from her family, who were in the Bahamas doing mission work when Hurricane Dorian hit. (Image courtesy Savannah Luttrell)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WTVC) — Homes and buildings destroyed, debris everywhere, and a rising death toll. As the devastation of Hurricane Dorian unfolds in the Bahamas, one Chattanooga woman has finally heard from her family, caught in all of this while doing missionary work.

Savannah Luttrell is a freshman at Bryan College in Dayton, but school was not on her mind this week. Her mom, dad, and seven younger siblings were in their home at the Bahamas when Hurricane Dorian rolled through, leaving flooding, destroyed homes, and loss of life behind.

For days, Savannah wasn't able to get in touch with her family. That all changed Wednesday morning during a 2-minute phone call, with her dad on the other end.

"When he answered the phone he said, 'Savannah' and I knew it was him, so I instantly started crying."

Savannah says Sunday morning was the last time she heard from her family over at Abaco Island, one of the places devastated by Dorian. The Luttrell family have called the island home since 2015, when they moved there for missionary work through the Caribbean Ministry Association.

Savannah described what was left of the island, saying:

"The whole town looks like it’s been completely flooded. 80-90% of people are left homeless .My best friend's house is apparently just gone."

Savannah is only a few weeks into her first year of college, but says she had no idea how her family was. She said all she could do was watch the damage on TV and hope her home and loved ones weren't a part of the impacted area.

There is still no word yet on to what extent the Luttrell home is damaged. For now, Savannah hopes to contact her family again, and hopefully see them in person soon as the nine members of the Luttrell family look to find a way back to the United States.

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