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Chattanooga veterans honored during flag ceremony Friday

Chattanooga veterans honored during flag ceremony Friday. (Image: WTVC)

The Scenic City has views that few places can compete with. From mountains, all the way down to the Tennessee River, Chattanooga is known for its beautiful scenery. But in between the mountain tops and the river lies a bridge that has a very special meaning.

Veterans Bridge is lined with 30 flags, all of which are in honor of someone who served our country in war.

In the crowd at Bluff Park Friday, veterans and families alike spoke to those that served out country.

Frank Kirbus served in the Vietnam War in a submarine, tracking torpedoes. He says he spent about 900 days underwater, not seeing sunlight or fresh air the whole time. Today's ceremony was all about the flag and remembering lives lost. So after the new flag was raised, we asked Kirbus what the red, white, and blue meant to him. His response?

"Honor...patriotism... God.. country."

But not everyone was as fortunate as Kirbus. Some payed the ultimate price, like the brother of Sandra Harris, John A. Franklin.

"He died in a horrific way... he was killed by a flamethrower."

Those like Franklin were honored today by a moment of silence. As Mayor Andy Berke led the ceremony, giving thanks to those who served, and the families of loved ones lost.

Event organizers say that the flags get changed twice a year. All 30 flags are donated with a $75 fee, and remain up for six months.

The next time flags will be changed will be in May around Armed Forces Day.

You can watch Friday's ceremony here.

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