Chattanooga teen get's flight lesson of a lifetime by nonprofit organization Challenge Air


Flying high in the sky is where kids and teens with special needs could be found today with the help from volunteers and one non-profit organization.

Challenge Air is an organization with a mission to promote confidence and self-esteem in kids and teens with special needs through a gift of flight.

"I like flying on planes" says 15-year-old Luka Hyde.

Luka says his favorite part about the day""Just getting to fly itjust getting to fly".

That's exactly what he get's to do today.

We climbed aboard one of the small planes, buckled in, and placed headsets on.

"We're all set, ready to do it" says Luka.

Lukas' assignments as co-pilot today involve making sure the check list is checked off, and eventually taking some control of the aircraft.

His dad, Greg Hydes, says this isn't Lukas' first time in the cockpit.

"He actually got to do this a year or so ago and flew the plane himself and loved it and so this is one of the things we take advantage of." says Greg.

Executive director April Culver says this program is special to families and the kids that participate, because a it helps bring the kids a new experience.

"This is a really unique thing that most people don't get to do and its special that they get to get in a plane co-pilot a plane and actually fly the plane." says Culver.

Luka's dad says that this is one way to encourage that if there's a will there's a way..even if that means to be a pilot.

"Well we see him being anything he wants to be and we always encourage him to do as much as possible on his own." says Greg.

After having his time in the sky the small plane lands, ""It was real fun and I loved it" and that's a wrap, "Thank you for coming, News Channel 9" says Luka as he walks off the runway.

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