Chattanooga student who played by the rules disappointed in college cheating scandal

Zavier Chavez of CHS-CCA is going to Harvard, after working hard & playing by the rules, & says he's disappointed in the national college admissions scandal. (Image: WTVC)

The U.S Justice Department is investigating the largest college admission scandal to date.

Federal prosecutors say parents paid a total of 65 million dollars to get their kids in to some of the US's best colleges.

Parents are accused of paying anywhere from fifty thousand to a million dollars to steal their child a seat some of the most sought-after universities.

Court documents say parents went to elaborate lengths to falsify test scores, create fake athletic profiles and even lie on documents about their racial background to take advantage of affirmative action policies.

It's a story that hits hard for one Chattanooga student, whose hard work earned him a place at Harvard.

Zavier Chavez is class president of the senior class at Chattanooga High School - Center for Creative Arts (CHS-CCA).

He's also a proud Mexican-American.

This fall, Chavez will reap the benefits of spending hours at the school's library.

He'll be in the second generation of college students in his family. And he says he is proud of working to get to Harvard the honest way.

"The people that deserve to be there are the people that have done the work."

Zavier says as a student it’s hard enough to combat racial and economic factors. "There’s so many things that can make life so difficult especially for young people."

Zavier says eventually he'd like to enroll in Harvard's legal program. He plans on pursuing a career focused on advocating for equality.

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