Chattanooga Salvation Army "spread thin" as they send volunteers to Texas and Florida

Volunteers train for deployment at the Salvation Army (Image: WTVC)

The Salvation Army is now sending volunteers to both Texas and Florida.

Kimberly George with the Chattanooga chapter says this is the busiest they've ever been.

They're training more people so they're ready after Hurricane Irma hits.

Several people trained, Friday, in the last session before they leave.

They've already been through disaster training.

"I'm really excited to be able to go in and really help people who need help but I hope we don't have to go," Kathleen Carenza said.

Carenza will be deploying for the first time.

She's from Florida and worries about the place she used to call home.

"It's scary because a lot of my family is there. My daughter, my grandkids, but I trust God so I'm not worried about it," she said.

Kimberly George says the need has never been greater for first time volunteers.

"We have been on the ground with Harvey relief efforts and we already have dozens of mobile kitchen units staged for Hurricane Irma relief," she said.

For now, those volunteers are on standby to see exactly where Irma goes and what she leaves behind.

Mobile units from Tennessee and Kentucky are coming to Chattanooga this weekend.

The Salvation Army says this is the closest location to Florida without being in Irma's path.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, go here.

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