Chattanooga police officer arrested, charged with assaulting wife

26-year-old Chattanooga olice officer Christopher Day has been arrested and charged with domestic assault. (Images: Collegedale PD, Tony Magpantay / MGN)

A Chattanooga police officer was arrested and charged with domestic assault on Saturday after his wife told officers he put his hand on her throat and swung their child around in a car seat during a heated argument.

In the arrest report, Erin Brandon, a neighbor to the couple, says he was walking to his car from his apartment so that he and his girlfriend could travel to a friend's wedding when suddenly he heard a woman scream, "Please stop hurting me!"

The voice belonged to Brooke Day, who told Brandon that her husband Christopher had gotten angry, swung the baby carriage around with the baby in it, and grabbed her by the arm before dragging her across the floor.

Erin and his girlfriend had Brooke sit with them as he called police.

When Collegedale police arrived, Brooke told them that she and her husband had been on their way to visit his parents, and had gotten into an argument over which of them would stop to get food.

Brooke told officers that the argument had gotten heated, and that Christopher had told her to shut up and get into the car. Brooke told him she was no longer going.

In the report, Brooke says Christopher threw his keys, hit the dining room table, and tried to take their baby boy in his car seat away from her.

Brooke says she told Christopher he could take the baby once he calmed down and that he was going to hurt the child.

Brooke told officers that Christopher then put his hand over Brooke's throat, and once he let go he took the child and went downstairs.

Brooke threatened to call police, but called his mother instead.

She told officers that once he found out she'd called his mom, he came running upstairs and drug her into the living room and then bedroom, telling her that she was going to talk to him.

Brooke says she told him she wouldn't speak with him, at which point he swore at her and left.

While officers were talking with Brooke, Christopher came back. He told officers that they had gotten into an argument, and he had left with their son but hadn't been able to get the car seat to work.

Christopher says he had gone back upstairs and was arguing with Brooke while she was on the phone, and she tried to leave.

Christopher told officers he then tried to pull her to himself so that they could talk, but she told him that he had hurt her and he let go.

Officers checked Brooke Day for marks, bruises, or other injuries, but say they didn't see any.

Christopher Day was taken to Collegedale Police Station, and charged with domestic assault.

Day's court date is set for December 6 at 3pm.

We reached out to Chattanooga Police for more information on Christopher Day's arrest and employment with the department.

Chattanooga spokeswoman Elisa Myzal says that Officer Day is on leave with pay pending the investigation.

Myzal says Day has been with the department since April 2015.

Depend on us to update this story as we learn more.

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