Chattanooga Police, mayor warn of extremely dangerous drugs after 4 die in 24-hour period

(Images: Chattanooga PD, WTVC)

Chattanooga Police and Mayor Andy Berke are warning the public that extremely dangerous drugs are being bought and sold - and they say four people have died of suspected overdoses in just over 24 hours as a result.

CPD spokesperson Elisa Myzal says the deaths happened between Monday and Tuesday.

While toxicology screens are pending, Myzal says officers determined the deaths all involved the use of illicit drugs.

Police provided pictures of the drugs found at some of the locations where officers responded.

CPD has not released the names of those who overdosed, or specified what drugs led to their deaths.

If you or someone you know buys or uses drugs, police are asking you to take this warning seriously and not use them.

If you have seen someone overdose, call 911 immediately, and don't leave the person alone until EMS or police get there.

This is a developing story - depend on us to update you as we learn more.

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