Police say Chattanooga man admits he shot & killed his son Monday night

Records show Forte shot his son, Charles Forte, in the head on 910 Creekside Road at the Eaves Formal Wear warehouse. (Images: WTVC, CPD)

UPDATE (Wednesday):

Wednesday, we looked into why Billy Forte shot his son Charles to death at a Chattanooga business Monday night.

We spoke with a man who works near Eaves Formal Wear warehouse where the shooting happened.

He said that the suspect Billy Forte recently came into the business asking if he had accidentally received some of his packages in the mail.

When he told Billy no, he says Billy seemed upset. We learned Billy had no prior criminal record in Tennessee until now.

We checked with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for any criminal history involving Billy Forte, or his son Charles Forte.

Billy has no prior record. Charles had several charges, but they are all from the early '90s.

No one answered when we went to the address listed on the Glenfield Lane for the suspect.

We also visited a strip mall off Gunbarrel Road, once the storefront for Eaves Formal Wear.

People who work nearby say it's been vacant since last fall.

State records list the initial status of Eaves Formal Wear as inactive and dissolved since June 2017.

Since Charles was shot to death, public condolences have been pouring in from hundreds of people on Facebook, many saying they are heartbroken and praying for the family.

Billy Forte's court date is set for next week. We will keep you updated on this case.

UPDATE (Tuesday 8:40am):

Hamilton County court records show 66-year-old Billy Forte is charged with criminal homicide after a shooting Monday night.

Records show Forte shot his son, Charles Forte, in the head on 910 Creekside Road at the Eaves Formal Wear warehouse.

Officers arriving on the scene found Charles dead on arrival. The court document says Billy Forte admitted to police that he had shot his son.

A witness told police that they had been working with Charles at the business Monday evening when Billy came in and began talking with his son.

The witness said that the conversation was short, and Billy went outside. When he came back a minute later, he had a shotgun in hand which he used to shoot his son in the head, according to the witness.

The witness told police that Billy chambered a second round and fired it into Billy's motionless body.

At no point was Charles a threat to Billy, according to the witness.

Billy admitted to police to shooting his son. Police say they found a spent .410 gauge casing on the scene, and another in Billy's pocket.

Billy Forte is being held on 750,000 bond.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


Chattanooga police have a suspect in custody after a man was shot and killed Monday evening.

Police spokesman Rob Simmons says the incident happened on 910 Creekside Road at 7:32 p.m.

Simmons says the victim was a 42-year-old man, and was dead on arrival.

Police took the suspect into custody at the scene.

Police have not yet identified the victim or suspect.

NewsChannel 9 has a team on the scene gathering more information.

Depend on us to update this story as we learn more.

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