Chattanooga non-profit Homes & Havens refurnishes homes, creates healing space

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From drab to fab.

Watching home renovations is something many of us love - just ask HGTV.

There's a Chattanooga non-profit dedicated to doing it, but it's more than just a new home. It's about emotional healing.

'Homes & Havens' refurnishes homes for a mother or family who have suffered a traumatic experience. They create that new look that'll help them get back on their feet.

Kaysie Strickland has had her own share of traumatic experiences that pushed her to start Homes and Havens.

"I almost lost both of my parents to addictions and that wasn't a sudden out of the blue thing, it was a series of trauma and brokenness in their own stories," says Strickland.

She realized she needed her own peaceful space, somewhere she could heal and feel confident. And after creating that for herself, she wanted to make that haven for others.

"They started envisioning better things for their future - 'Maybe I'll go back to school' - or they even dressed differently, they parented their kids differently," she says.

Strickland says it's about calming colors and keeping the clutter away.

She says they organize each home and get everything up off the floor and stay away from the blacks, reds, and oranges.

"Everything is fluffy and clear of color, and the textures are soft and inviting, and the color pallet is just very therapeutic."

Homes & Havens works with organizations across Chattanooga for donations, references and volunteers.

Stephanie Parham says she joined Homes & Havens because she wanted to support women in the area - some she knows who could benefit from the group.

"It gives them not only physically, but emotionally, a stability that really helps the further that renewal process and a new beginning, and getting better and all of that," says Parham.

Kaysie Strickland and her team are booked through August with new homes to redecorate, which she says shows how much the families of Chattanooga needed something like this, and it continues growing.

Right now, the organization has clients booked through the end of August.

If you'd like to get involved or learn more, check out their website here.

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