Chattanooga mom who lost son pleased with call to ban cords on window blinds

Colton Shero strangled to death in a window blind cord in 2013. (Image: WTVC)

A Chattanooga woman shares the danger to her son's life right inside her home she didn't even know about.

Erin Shero says her son was strangled to death in window blind cords.

A new study pushes for those cords to be banned.

Shero says her son, Colton, was 2 days away from his second birthday when he died.

He was one of 5 kids at the time, but she says he was unforgettable.

"He was just learning to talk so his little voice was just the sweetest little sound," Shero said.

She says it was a typical day at home with her two youngest boys 4 years ago.

They were watching TV when she went upstairs to fix them a snack.

"I wasn't gone very long. The popcorn hadn't even finished popping," she said.

Shero says she was gone less than a minute but when Colton didn't come when she called for him, she knew something might be wrong.

"Upon getting closer to him I realized that he had gotten entangled in a window blind cord. I remember how tight it was around his neck and I remember the ring," she said.

60 seconds changed Erin's life forever.

Since then, not a day goes by where she doesn't think about what would be different if she didn't have the blinds.

"I definitely think that if there's a product out there that's killing children that something should be done," she said.

We went to The Blind Lady, a local business that sells window treatments.

We asked what they recommend instead.

Retailers now sell blinds with retractable cords or that push up manually among other options.

For Erin Shero, the new study pushing for these blinds to be put away is exactly what she's prayed for since Colton died.

She hopes other parents will learn from her loss.

"Anywhere there's a cord that can possibly be made a noose, a child can die," she said.

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