Chattanooga man participates in President George H.W. Bush's funeral

Capt. Joey Royster participated in President George H.W. Bush's funeral, Wednesday. (Image: Robin Arp)

A Chattanooga man played a role in President George H.W. Bush's funeral.

Captain Joey Royster was the cordon officer in charge, meaning he was over the officers who carried the President in and out of the Capital.

His sister, Robin Arp, watched it all from her house in Huntsville, Alabama.

"It's something he's worked so hard for and it just makes me feel so proud and so honored," she said.

Joey went to Red Bank High School, and then to UTC where he was a part of their ROTC program.

UTC shared a Facebook post about how Joey participated in the ceremony for our late president.

Robin says he didn't expect to get this much attention from doing his job.

"In that moment, I think it was probably emotional because it brought back memories of our grandfather who just loved him so much," she said.

Joey was very close with his grandfather, who inspired him to go into the military.

Robin says it meant a lot to Joey because he got to honor his grandfather's favorite president.

They all loved Bush because of his family values.

"Just loved life, loved the Lord, and that seemed to shine through in all that he did and we thought he was a special president," Arp said.

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