Chattanooga Police K9 Kilo retiring after 10-year career, hundreds of arrest assists

After 10 years, Chattanooga Police K9 officer Kilo is getting some much-deserved R&R. (Image: Chattanooga Police Department)

Chattanooga Police are saying goodbye to one of their best K9 officers.

K9 Kilo has tracked down more than 600 criminals, recovered more than 1,000 grams of cocaine and meth, and seized 159 guns.

After 10 years on the force, it's time to turn in the badge and hang up the leash.

Kilo had his own goodbye party at Chattanooga City Council Tuesday.

The entire K9 Unit showed up out of respect for Kilo's service and his handler, Officer Romero.

"At some point today they were all at the range doing training even though outside it feels like an oven to pull your cookies out of. That's what they're working in every day. They do it in rain, the snow and with dog hair. They crawl in places you can't imagine and they do it with their animal," said Chief David Roddy with CPD.

Chief Roddy says the K9 Unit is one of the most dedicated units in the city.

Kilo will retire and go home with his handler. Chattanooga PD says he's definitely earned his spot on the sofa.

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