Chattanooga firefighter by day, Independent Music Award-nominated artist at night

Captain Randy Steele has been with the Chattanooga Fire Department for 18 years. He's had a love for music for even longer. (image WTVC)

The sounds of red sirens and blue grass is how Randy Steele lives his life. He's been with the Chattanooga Fire Department for 18 years and a lover a music for even longer.

"I don't have a record label," Captain Steele said. "What you're seeing here is stuff that I'm paying for." He's referring to a recording studio that he rents to make his music; music that is now nominated for two Independent Music Awards.

"I was nominated for "Best Bluegrass Album of 2017" and I was nominated for "Best Bluegrass Song," Steele said.

While the veteran Chattanooga fire fighter grew up with instruments and a musical family, he stopped playing when he became a first-responder. He eventually picked it back up as a means to blow off steam.

"At some point in time, no matter what, you're gonna deal with things that are outside of the norm," he said. "Things you don't see on a normal basis, a lot of times really heartbreaking, very tragic."

Steele says the IMA's are for artists like him who aren't signed to record labels. According to the IMA's website, the winning songs are promoted all over the word on streaming playlists and internet radio stations.

Winners will be announced in New York on March 31st.

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