Chattanooga Fire Department extinguishes fire off Bonny Oaks Drive

Chattanooga Fire Department working on fire off Bonny Oaks Drive(Image: Chattanooga Fire Department)

The Chattanooga Fire Department (CPD) has extinguished a fire at a vacant building on Bonny Oaks Drive.

The CPD was called to the structure around 4:45 Friday afternoon.

According to the CPD, firefighters attacked the fire from three sides, but heavy winds were causing smoke to blow across Bonny oaks.

Everyone then pulled back and went to a defensive attack, putting a stop on the building to keep the whole thing from burning.

The building that caught fire used to be Walt's restaurant and the AJ's.

The vacant structure suffered extensive damage in the fire, according to the CPD.

The CPD says the adjacent building was untouched.

Twelve companies have responded to the scene, and extra companies were brought to add manpower so crews could swap out.

The CPD says one firefighter suffered a heat-related injury on the scene and has been transported to the hospital.

The CPD Bonny Oaks Drive is currently shut down for emergency crews.

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