Chattanooga family forced to wait for replacement Takata Airbag

A Chattanooga family forced to wait after a major car company delays an important safety repair on their car.

Takata airbags began to be recalled nearly two years ago.

The defective airbags run the risk of exploding, sending out dangerous shrapnel when the airbag is deployed.

Anticipating what was to come, Marcus and Catherine Whitfield bought a Toyota Scion in 2012.

"We knew that we were going to have a family before long," Marcus said.

Their daughter Liv is now 16 months old. She goes almost everywhere with them. But, they received a letter about six months ago reminding them their car contained a potentially dangerous Takata airbag.

"I just do not feel comfortable driving with my daughter in the car," Catherine said.

"We have had difficulty getting our airbags replaced on our Sion," Marcus said. "It's part of the Takata airbag recall."

"We've been calling Scion Toyota about once a month trying to get the part replaced and it hasn't been available yet," Catherine said.

Last week, Catherine went to the dealership to see if it would give her a rental car in the meantime.

"We just want a safe car to drive," she said.

She says she was turned away, until NewsChannel 9 called the dealership. Now, their Scion is sitting in the dealership's lot, as the Whitfields drive around a Toyota Corolla rental.

The company didn't give the Whitfields a timeline on the repair, so today NewsChannel 9 went to ask when they are expecting more parts to come in.

The dealership referred us to Corporate Toyota, and Corporate Toyota referred us to the company's website.
The website did not give a direct answer either.

Marcus said, "We've heard from friends who have Hondas and Nissans that have been able to get theirs replaced but not any Toyota."

On Monday, Honda of Cleveland told NewsChannel 9 it's service department is prepared to replace a recalled airbag same-day.

The manager says he's heard other dealers however have to put people in rental cars for up to 6 months waiting on the part.

You can find information on the latest airbag recalls here on Toyota's website.

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