Chattanooga family finds out gender of baby while husband deployed overseas

Moments before Navy Sailor, Cody Watson finds out the gender of his baby! Image Courtesy US Navy.

It's a trend that has taken off on social media - couples getting creative to announce the gender of their baby.

One Chattanooga family they did it with thousands of miles between them.

Navy Sailor Cody Watson is serving overseas in Spain right now.

Right before he left for deployment he found out he and his wife are expecting their second child.

On Friday, with an ocean between them, his wife figured out a way to surprise him with the gender of their baby.

With Cody's branch standing around him, Cody kicked a small brown football. Inside was powder the color of the gender.

Courtney Watson has been planning this day for the past 21 weeks. She says she found the gender out when she was five weeks pregnant and has been keeping a secret ever since.

The couple has been together for nearly 10 years.

They have one son who is about to celebrate his second birthday.

"It was pretty hard, I was a first time parent it's pretty hard to deal with that but I got used to it after a while and I had family to help," says Courtney.

With this baby Courtney got creative using Pinterest to surprise the love of her life thousands of miles away.

"With this one I kind of found this football thing and we talked about doing something cool with it and incorporating the Navy," says Courtney.

Today Courtney was able to video chat with Cody, getting his reactions to the reveal.

"Hey!" says Courtney. "Hey, what are you doing?" says Cody.

Cody Watson says being away overseas hasn't been easy for him either. "That's one of the hardest thing is being away from family."

He says today was a special experience for him.

"I felt like I was an NFL kicker with three seconds on the clock and we were down by two and I was about to drop the ball."

Finally, the reveal.

Cody kicks the ball... BLUE POWDER means it's going to be a boy!

Both parents say they're excited, "As long as the baby is healthy I'm going to be over the moon about it," says Cody.

"I'm excited!" says Courtney as she and their son watch the reveal.

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