Chattanooga developers plan for more Riverfront projects on West End

Chattanooga developers plan for more Riverfront projects on West End

As downtown Chattanooga continues to grow, some developers are hoping the West End of town could see the next big explosion with a land swap between the developers and the county.

Those who own the old Alstom plant property want to make a deal with Hamilton County: A square parcel of Alstom land for roughly three acres of riverfront property.

“I think this is the next big spot in Chattanooga,” George Lewallen owns Parkway Pourhouse. "When he first looked into building the restaurant on Riverfront Parkway, his new neighborhood looked much different."

“When I came to look at this location two years ago, I had no idea all this was over here and only probably 50 percent of this development was done then, so since that time, all of this has been completed,” said Lewallen.

In this swap, the three acres of riverfront space would be open for new living spaces, restaurants, or shops, while preserving the popular river walk.

“I know they’ve discussed possibly a music venue, I know they’re talking about a brewery so anything like that that can bring more people down,” said Lewallen after talking with developers.

The county would get a piece of property in return to create a trail head and parking for people who want to walk, run or bike.

Developers are already hard at work, transforming the 112-acre space where the vacant Alstom buildings currently sit.

“I know they’re trying to introduce several hundred jobs to the area,” said Lewallen.

When NewsChannel 9 last spoke with developer Jimmy White, he said these projects could connect downtown districts and create a new destination outside of the popular North Shore and South Side.

Lewallen is glad he bought in during the first chapter of this area’s new story.

“I’m a big proponent of the rising tide raises all ships, so more foot traffic, more exposure can only be a good thing for us in the future,” said Lewallen.

Project developers said the entire West End will be built over the next 10 years.

Jimmy White said developing this land is important to Chattanooga's long term growth and keeps the property in local hands.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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