Chattanooga couple vacationing in St. Maarten, gets stuck in Irma's path

Dale Spear said her son, Chris and his girlfriend, Melanie were vacationing in St. Maarten when Hurricane IRMA hit. She says he's ok. (IMAGE: WTVC) 

UPDATE: Dale Spear tells NewsChannel 9 her son and fiance are still not back from St. Maarten as of Saturday


An East Ridge woman is desperately waiting for a call from her son who was stuck in the direct path of Hurricane Irma.

He was vacationing here in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten with his girlfriend when the storm hit on Tuesday.

Right now, Facebook is the only way Dale Spear can keep up with her son.

"Everything was shut down, no water running in the building where he is but he is safe," said Spear.

Tuesday, was the last time she heard her son's voice.

This morning, Chris was able to get through to Dale's sister-in-law.

"He said everything was just a wreck," said Spear.

As Dale keeps her eyes glued to the TV and her phone, always within reach, she's optimistic her son will return home safe very soon.

"I know that my son will be home as soon as he can get home," said Spear.

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