Coyote Jacks to appear before the Beer Board for possible revocation of license

Coyote Jacks on Cowart Street in South Chattanooga. (Photo: WTVC)

UPDATE (October 9th):

Records show that Coyote Jacks was in violation of serving alcohol without a permit for more than two months in 2017.

In 2017, an agent for the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) found the Southside club in violation of working past 61 days allowed without a TABC server permit.

Coyote Jacks will appear before the Beer Board next week for possible revocation of its license.

The agenda states that the Southside club is under violation of overcrowding.

"The beer board may also, in its discretion, suspend, revoke or impose a civil penalty for due cause not specified herein."

It also lists previous violations:

  1. Appeared before the board on Sales to Incapacitated person
  2. Appeared before the board on Hours Regulated and Denied Access to Officers

Depend on us to keep you updated.

ORIGINAL STORY (October 8th):

On Tuesday, the city council discussed a variety of topics in city hall, but one that a few council members got particularly passionate about is what to do with Coyote Jacks.

The Southside nightclub has received more than 400 calls to police in the past four years, and Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod says the club is a "nuisance." It was Coonrod who was particularly critical of Coyote Jacks still being open, saying...

"Stop going there to the establishment. Put the pressure on Neal Pinkston. If he’s not going to do anything about it, we need to utilize our resources with the city to make sure it gets shut down."

Coonrod also says the club is a "breeding ground for violence," and urges citizens to stop patronizing it. The fact remains, Coyote Jacks still is open for business. The Councilwoman says she believes it all comes down to District Attorney General Neal Pinkston, and motives that would benefit his reputation. Coonrod says he's intentionally allowing gang activity to happen at Coyote Jacks, so he can arrest gang members to better himself in the public eye.

"You’re getting notches up under your belt each time you lock these black men up that’s supposedly involved in gang activity, but what can we say about Neal Pinkston? Because he has a history of not doing his job when he needs to do it."

We reached out to Bruce Gardner with the DA's office who told us they are "not going to have anything to say in response to whatever Councilwoman Coonrod had to say about us."

Gardner did say that General Pinkston spoke to Coonrod after the shooting that claimed the life of a 19 year old just a few days ago. Gardner encourages Coonrod to reach out to the city attorney or mayor's office for more.

Fortunately, the city attorney was present today at city hall to discuss the ongoing debate with members of council. City attorney Phil Noblett told us, "We’re also looking into the history of incidents that may have occurred at that incident over the last few years."

Chattanooga police showed us data of more than 400 calls they'd received since 2015 coming from the Cowart Street area, where Coyote Jacks is located.

Councilman Anthony Byrd says after speaking with community members, it is being perceived that the club is getting multiple chances that other places that got shut down or cited did not. This includes some places Byrd has been a part of owning.

"The Whole Note place on MLK, police came and put boards over it and shut the place down," said Councilman Byrd.

The Councilman says he hopes to see the club get turned into something more constructive for the community to be a part of, or shut down all together. The council is actively trying to find ways to make that happen.

"We’ve got to start addressing the elephant in the room and it starts with this council and it starts here today"

Even with the Mayor Andy Berke having family involved with Coyote Jacks, Councilwoman Coonrod believes the mayor is unbiased, and wants to see the city improve.

This is a developing story. Count on us to bring you the latest.

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