Chattanooga City Council gives green light to controversial St. Elmo development project

Image: WTVC

A 21-million dollar project in St. Elmo gets the greenlight from Chattanooga City Council

That's despite some concerns from residents.

A developer plans to build a mixed use development between the 1885 restaurant and Tap Room building.

The project will also include a hotel and parking garage near Suntrust bank.

Residents spoke during yesterday's city council meeting.

One woman believes the develoment would kill what she called the "heart and soul" of the city.

While another man is afraid it could be a safety issue.

"We're dealing with a very narrow street on St Elmo Avenue," resident Tim McDonald told us. "Traffic is very heavy now, especially during the tourist season. It's pretty much a nightmare sometimes during the day and rush hour traffic is incredibly heavy."

Activists have started a petition to save a row of cherry trees and a 150 year old oak tree at the site of the development.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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