Chattanooga City Council approves PILOT package for M&M Industries

M&M industries says its expansion will add 110 new jobs to Chattanooga's economy. (Image: WTVC)

Chattanooga City Council members signed off on a deal last night that will add about 110 jobs to the city's work force.

Under the PILOT ("Payment in Lieu of Taxes") deal, M&M Industries will pay 800 thousand dollars less in property taxes.

Darryl Davis, COO of the company, says the plant will be served by rail, with one shipment per week.

After some council members voiced concerns about noise, he said the facility would work with the community on the best time for shipments.

Hamilton County Commission members voted in favor of a similar agreement last week.

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce says the expansion will generate just under $1.5 million in new property taxes.

Davis says this will bring 110 jobs, with starting pay is 11 dollar an hour.

Davis says the company will hold an open house and job fair soon

Depend on us to keep you updated on when it will take place.

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