Chattanooga animal shelters prepare for animals abandoned after Harvey

Not only have people lost their homes from Harvey, many animals are now also without one. (Image: WTVC)

Not only have people lost their homes from Harvey, many animals are now also without one.

The shelters in Chattanooga are preparing to bring some of those animals here.

Employees at McKamey Animal Center left Wednesday night to go pick up abandoned dogs and cats.

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For months, these animals will stay in Chattanooga as Texas and Louisiana rebuild.

"It's an awesome thing," said Shannon Anderson, Hamilton County resident.

The Humane Educational Society also plans to take in up to 100 animals.

Once Shannon Anderson heard that, she knew she needed to help out.

"I rushed down to Walmart and got 100 fleece blankets for all these wonderful creatures coming here," she said.

Anderson lived in Texas for 25 years.

Seeing the videos of animals drenched in flood waters gets her choked up.

"They're just little creatures that need a home. I love animals. A lot of people do so I'm happy to do whatever I can to help," Anderson added.

To prepare for all these animals, it takes a village.

The National Guard donated HES tents to keep the cats and dogs covered when they get here.

"It's just amazing to see the community come together," said HES Executive Director Bob Citrullo.

Volunteers and HES employees spent most of their Thursday afternoon setting the tents up.

Citrullo knew adding the animals to the shelter wouldn't be an easy task.

"Our shelters are full, so it's difficult. I've been through this before so I thought do we only want to take a few animals and put them in the shelter or can we do something with more impact," Citrullo asked?

An impact is exactly what he plans to make.

"That's what I love about our community. When something happens, people get together. Even thought this is hundreds of miles away, they know by helping us they're gonna help with Harvey," Citrullo added.

HES is asking for wired crates, food bowls, paper towels, blankets and a generator for the animals that will be coming to the shelter.

HES volunteers plan to leave Friday afternoon to pick up some animals.

They'll be heading to San Antonio.

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