Chatt City Suites residents have to be out by end of January

Residents at Chatt City Suites have about a month to move out. (Image: Chatt City Suites website)


News Channel 9's Taylor Stewart spoke with residents scrambling to find a new place to stay.

Corry Holly says he's called Chatt City Suites home for the past two months but now he's not sure where he's going.

Corry says he learned of the shutdown after paying his weekly rent, he adds," I just went to go pay my weekly rent and they just handed me the paper with my receipt."

Corry's thankful he has friends who'll be willing to open their doors for him.

Other occupants like Sarah Lee say the notice to leave came too abruptly, " now all of a sudden you can give us no warning."

Management says they will be able to provide us with more answers after the start of the new year.


Chatt City Suites residents have about a month to move out of the hotel on 20th Street, according to General Manager Joyce Woodard.

Woodard says the residents were notified Thursday and Friday that they have to be out by the end of January.

The nightly, weekly and monthly rate hotel is managed by Sunbest Management.

Woodard says the owner chose not to renew their lease, and instead plans to remodel the building.

All 141 rooms are occupied with at least one person.

At least 10 veterans currently live there.

Some residents have lived there for 10 years or more, Woodard said.

She says they are working with 18 different agencies to help everyone find affordable housing quickly.

The agencies are expected to be on site January 3 to help residents.

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