Charity yard sale sells off items Bonnaroo attendees left behind

Bonnaroo yard sale.jpg

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and on Wednesday Chattanoogans are digging through gear and other items that were left behind at the Bonnaroo music festival. The proceeds go to a local charity.

After a day of rummaging through Bonnarro leftovers in Manchester, volunteers unloaded this massive trailer in Chattanooga to sell their finds. It's all happening at the Gear Closet on Riverside Drive.

"It's kind of a scavenger hunt to find good stuff amidst everything else," says Mary Beth Sutton, Executive Director of the nonprofit Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance (SEA).

Mary Beth Sutton leads the nonprofit that benefits and has been keeping the festival more sustainable for the last 5 years by collecting thousands of pounds of unwanted gear.

Charles Pack says Bonnarroo isn’t his scene.

But he was the first one here today and he was on a mission. "The main thing is a cooler but who knows what else we’ll find." (Pack later had no trouble finding his treasure).

There were some odd items -- a blow-up alien doll comes to mind -- but many of the items were what you might expect: chairs, sleeping bags, and typical camping gear.

So why is Bonnaroo always such a treasure trove?

"Some people by the time its time to leave they’re just so tired after listening to music all night in some cases they're just like, ugh, I've got to get out of here," Sutton said.

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