UPDATE: Closed hospital cancels sale intended to help pay back former employees

Copper Basin Medical Center stopped services October 1st. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE (Friday, November 24):

On Friday, Copper Basin Medical Center announced on Facebook that they have cancelled the sale that they say was intended to help raise money to pay back unpaid former employees.

The center has deleted posts related to the sale and a previous list showing the order in which they will distribute outstanding paychecks.

Depend on us to update this story as we learn more.

UPDATE (Wednesday, November 22):

Copper Basin Medical Center will sell chairs, cabinets, and more furniture from inside the hospital to raise money to pay back its employees.

The sale will happen December 1st and 2nd.

Depend on us to update this story as we learn more.

UPDATE (Monday, November 20):

Copper Basin Medical Center released a list on Facebook showing the order in which they will distribute outstanding paychecks from October 20, 2017 as funds are available.

  1. Anne Bartlett
  2. Rebecca Worley
  3. Linda Vaughn
  4. Carrol Ledford
  5. Michelle Crowder
  6. Jayne Foster
  7. Robert Ray
  8. James Baine
  9. Sara Black
  10. Melissa Smith
  11. Carol Nolan
  12. Judy Walker
  13. Kimberly Stuart
  14. Rebecca Fowler
  15. Clarissa Oliver
  16. Daniel Johnson

Depend on us to update this story as we learn more.

PREVIOUSLY (Friday, November 10):

Families in Polk County want to know when they will get their money from a hospital that shut down in October.

Copper Basin Medical Center in Copperhill went bankrupt and stopped services October 1st.

Chief Financial Officer Tim Henry says the hospital is in the hole $5 million.

A single mom reached out to NewsChannel 9 asking for help.

She wanted to know why she hasn't been paid for working up until the hospital closed last month.

We asked Henry when employees can expect to get a paycheck.

"We are making every effort to get you paid and our hope is to do that by the end of the year," he said.

Henry says he was hired by the hospital board in April when they realized the hospital wasn't paying its taxes.

"We tried all kinds of things to try to jump start this thing but there was just too much debt, too many bad decisions made in the past," he said.

Since administration made the decision to close, Henry has been on damage control.

They've cut off the phone lines, electricity for most of the hospital, and started leasing out parts of the building.

Henry says he's doing everything he can to pay the employees.

The hospital owes the employees about $40,000 combined.

He vows to pay them back, but now he's asking the community for help.

"We need the public, if they owe the hospital a bill, that money is still due to us," Henry said.

But that doesn't make it any easier for the single mom left waiting for the money she's owed.

Henry says a lot of patients who still owe the hospital are uninsured.

He's also told vendors they will likely never see the money they are owed.

Henry says Copper Basin Medical Center owes the IRS half a million dollars.

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