CAUGHT ON TAPE: Man records tree crashing into power lines with cell phone

Keith Young caught a tree crashing into power lines on his camera phone. He was working on a boat motor as home when it happened. (image: WTVC)

Around 7 o'clock Wednesday night, Keith Young started a project. He ended the night without power to his home and a great story to tell.

"I was working on a boat motor," Young said. "I heard some kind of noise; I didn't know what it was."

Young was hearing a large tree in front of his home beginning to crack. He pulls out his cell phone to record what he's hearing and seeing.

"It's gonna fall tonight I'm sure," you hear Young say in the video. His trailer is just under the tree. "I'd like to get my trailer out, but I'm scared to."

Immediately after those comments, the tree comes crashing down, taking out power lines with it,

"I called 911," Young said. "I told them I didn't know what to do. I didn't know who to call."

Who do you call? We took that question to Public Works Urban Forester Gene Hyde. He says Young had the right idea.

"That's who I would've called," Hyde said. "911, or EPB."

Since the tree is on his property, Young will have to decide how to get rid of it. But why did it fall? If you look inside of the tree, you can easily see decay. Hyde says despite the tree looking green and healthy on the outside, it's not uncommon for a tree to be decaying on the inside, which makes it heavier on top and weaker at the bottom.

"When the weight exceeds the structural capacity of the tree to stand, boom that's when it comes over," Hyde said.

Young says the tree crushed his trailer, but he's happy no one got hurt.

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