CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Video shows scary moment semi-truck came into Bradley Co. driver's lane

A family's dash cam captures the chilling moment they were almost run over by a semi truck.

Most everyone has experienced another driver unexpectedly getting in their lane.

It's not everyday though, that it's dramatically caught on camera.

A family's dash cam captures the chilling moment they were almost run over by a semi truck. We showed it to drivers traveling the same road Monday.

You can hear the driver's kids scream when this happened Sunday morning.

After running them off the road and onto the curb, the truck passes a Bradley County Sheriff's car, and keeps going.

Janie Posey said, "How about that. That is unbelievable!"

The sheriff's department says it can't confirm if the truck hit the car or left any damage. That's why the office made a miscellaneous report after seeing the video, instead of an accident report.

Though some believe the video shows an example of a truck driver's atrocious driving, others say it was just a mistake.

Duane Mullins said, "I think the car got in the blind spot. I don't think the truck really did that on purpose."

When we stopped by the warehouse the truck came from, the manager told us the company has talked to the driver and is investigating.

He didn't know why the truck driver didn't stop, or whether he even knew he'd cut someone off.

Mistake or not, the video is enough to shake people up.

"I'm just in shock," Posey said. "I don't know what to tell you."

The company says its never had trouble with the truck driver in question before.

Sheriff's dept says if there are any other complaints in the future, the miscellaneous complaint could be used in court.

We reached out to the driver who sent us the video. He didn't respond when we asked him to do an on camera interview.

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