Candy Carson, wife of Ben Carson, visits schools in Catoosa, Lookout Valley

Candy Carson visited schools in Georgia and Tennessee on Monday to check out their custom reading rooms. (Image: WTVC)

Candy Carson, wife of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, made two stops at area schools Monday to check out their Ben Carson Reading Rooms.

The first was in Catoosa County at Cloud Spring Elementary, the second, at Lookout Valley Elementary in Hamilton County.

"They have the power to make a difference in their own lives," Candy Carson said.

Candy Carson said the reading rooms can help students unlock their full potential.

This was the first time students at Cloud Spring got to see their new reading room.

"I was thinking it was a great opportunity for everybody to get some more knowledge with all the books, and a little inspirational quote over there from Dr. Ben Carson," 5th-grader Gracie said.

The quote reads, "The person who has the most to do with your success is you."

But it wasn't just books and quotes the the kids were enjoying.

"The mural, and all the seating arrangements. I like those too," 5th-grader Jaycie said.

Candy Carson said kids go into the room, and sometimes they don't want to leave.

"Each one is decorated whimsically to draw the kids in. There's books that are arranged accordingly by reading level, so no kid is put off because it's too easy or too difficult," Candy Carson said.

Meanwhile, at Lookout Valley, their reading room has been open for a couple of years, and it's made some students love for reading grow.

"You can read, and you feel like you know the charters emotions and stuff like that," 4th-grader Jade said.

Candy Carson said it's reasons like that they fund so many of these reading rooms.

"Reading is such a wonderful way to expand your horizons, to develop your dreams. Some don't even know what they could dream. But finding out what the possibilities are, and then being able to follow up on those and become whatever God puts in your heart to be," Candy Carson said.

There are currently three Ben Carson Reading Rooms in Georgia and seven in Tennessee.

There are now 186 nationwide.

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