Bryan College goes all out for day of service

Bryan College volunteers treated Rhea County students with special needs to a carnival Tuesday called Luke 14 Fun Day. (Image: WTVC)

More than 500 volunteers took part in dozens of projects around Rhea County on Tuesday as part of Bryan College's Day of Service.

For Bryan College students and staff, it was all about serving. But for the parents and kids who took part in one event, it was a gift they might not ever have been able to get on their own.

Shannon Daniels was at Bryan College on Tuesday with her son, Connor, as part of Luke 14 Fun Day.

The seven-year-old has autism and is non-verbal, but the fun he had Tuesday spoke volumes.

Daniels said it was a rare treat for a lot of the children and parents.

"A lot of the kids here don't have the resources, or their parents don't have the extra help at home to be able to get their kids out and do stuff like normal developing children," Daniels said.

The kids got to experience everything from a pep rally entrance to a bubbly world of carnival games inside and out.

And it was fun for the Bryan College volunteers too.

"Seeing these kids faces light up, to make them feel special and have this good time, to get their goodie bags with their names in it, it's all very personalized for them, and that's just so special to us as well," Bryan College's Emily Webber said.

Underneath all the fun, however, was a message from the Bible - Luke 14 - where Jesus called upon his followers to have a feast and invite those who may not be able to repay the favor.

That's the gift Bryan College wanted to give Tuesday.

"Maybe we could throw a big party, that would feel like this party Jesus is talking about in Luke 14. That really shows God's heart for all of us who are made in his image," Bryan College's Eric McEachron said.

Luke 14 Fun Day wasn't the only event.

Bryan College sent students to all the Rhea County middle and elementary schools.

They also helped out Senior Citizens around the house, and even volunteered at a therapeutic riding center, where they helped maintain trails and cleaned the stables.

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