Body cam video shows moment Chattanooga police, Elliott's buy shoes for homeless man

CPD, Elliott's buy shoes for homeless man. Image: body cam footage from CPD.

On Wednesday, NewsChannel 9 told you about how a Chattanooga Police officer and employees at an Elliott’s shoe store helped a man who was homeless.

Officers responded to a call and ended up buying the man food and the store picked up his tab for a brand new pair of shoes.

On Monday we received the body cam footage to show you just how things went down.

Emma Baldwin is the district manager of Elliott’s and she is the one who called police after a homeless man had been sitting outside their store, without a shirt on for over two hours.

Baldwin said she didn't know if he just needed a place to sit out of the sun or if he had other intentions.

The body cam video picks up right when Sergeant Jason Wood got to the scene.

“Hey buddy, how ya doing?”

“Oh just a little tired,”

“You're tired? Where ya coming from?”

The gentleman, whose name is Pete, said he was trying to walk about five miles farther but he was just too tired and had to stop.

“We went out and realized his shoes were probably the reason he was sitting here and not able to move on, so Sergeant Wood said we'd like to buy him a pair,” said Baldwin.

"His shoes are falling off his feet. I mean they're barely holding together,” said Wood over his body cam video.

So they got to work. Another Elliott’s employee went out and measured his foot.

“Mind if I measure his feet?”

“Well they’re kinda filthy right now”

“That’s alright brother, I’ve seen a lot of filth in my day. Put all your weight on that right there.”

“This is the shoe we chose. It's not slick on the bottom and got a real cushy insole, laces up good and again, it comes in extra wide and he needed an extra wide so this was a perfect choice for him,” said Baldwin.

“Hey Pete, try this shoe on and see how it fits man,” said Wood.

An employee helped Pete get his shoes situated and it was exactly what he needed.

Sergeant Jason Wood said he believes in paying it forward, especially when others have been generous to him before.

“So I just wanted to take that opportunity to pay it forward to somebody that was in need,” said Wood.

However, the employees at Elliott’s had another idea. They decided to pay for the shoes themselves.

Emma Baldwin said she hasn't seen Pete since then.

“If I could say something to him, I would say, you know, be blessed, we're thinking about you and we wish you the best,” said Baldwin.

Emma Baldwin said she thinks this was meant to be, how the situation worked out to get Pete new shoes and help someone in need.

After buying the shoes, the officers got him pizza.

While the Elliott's employees split the cost of Pete's shoes, body cam footage also shows the other officers on scene trying to pitch in.

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