Boat fire in Hixson forces 6 to swim to shore

Hixson Boat fire

A boat caught fire with six people on board early Friday morning at the Gold Point Yacht Harbor in Hixson.

John Tyler was one of the six people on the boat. Tyler said he and his friends went out for a midnight ride, and noticed smoke coming from the back of the boat. They called 911 and then jumped in the water to swim to shore.

"We had shoes, we had to ditch our shoes. Everyone had phones, no one has a phone that works anymore. Three people left their phones on the boat. Wallets were left on the boat," said John Tyler.

Tyler told us it was about a 400-yard swim to safety. He said they couldn't get to their life jackets because they were also in the back and flames took over the back of the boat.

Fortunately no one was hurt. Nobody knows what caused the fire. The boat was completely destroyed.

The T-W-R-A said now is a good time of year to complete a boat inspection and make sure a working fire extinguisher is on board.

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