Bledsoe County High School starts back without a band director

The Bledsoe County High band practices for its last concert of the school year in May. (Image: WTVC)

Monday was the first day back for students in Bledsoe County but the band program still doesn't have a teacher.

With football season quickly approaching, many wonder if the band will be at the games.

"It's cool they brought it back but who's going to do it?" former band member David Brooks said.

Students are happy they'll be able to play again after the school board voted to get rid of music programs at the end of last year.

They're concerned about the future of the program.

For now, a staff member has stepped in to lead the marching band.

"Rushing around to do stuff right before football starts. That's going to be really difficult," current band member Kynzie Smith said.

The previous band director, Frank Hudson, tells NewsChannel 9 when he didn't hear from the school system by mid-summer, he started applying for other jobs.

He now works for Grundy County schools.

Students and community members say they're devastated to lose a beloved teacher.

"I don't think anyone could fill Hudson's shoes. Like, the way he taught," Brooks said.

"It felt more like a family with Mr. Hudson than it would with anyone else," Smith said.

Student Katie Peterson says the program changed her life.

She hopes the changes won't affect her future in music.

"I'm very concerned about what the future holds because I'm looking into marching at UT for college," Peterson said.

Superintendent Jennifer Terry says they've posted the position and hope to have someone fill it as soon as possible.

The school board will meet Monday night.

The band program isn't on the agenda but a board member says it could come up in discussion.

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