Better Business Bureau wants donors to be mindful during partial government shutdown

Image: WTVC

Friday is supposed to be pay day for federal employees.

But as the shutdown carries on, many aren't sure if they'll be seeing a paycheck.

There are opportunities for you to help those in need.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Chattanooga warns there are likely to be people taking advantage as well.

We sat down with Director Joe Winsett on Thursday.

He says there are things to make sure your donation gets into the right hands.

"Two critical things about donations and assisting in situations of this type are accountability and transparency. So when you look at Facebook or when you look at crowdsourcing, neither of those are in place really so you may want to find some other way to assist people," Winsett says.

The BBB has a full list of organizations you can give to on their website.

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