Band program cut from Bledsoe County High School

The Bledsoe County High School band performs at a football game. (Credit: Kimberly Anthony)


The Bledose County Board of Education has issued a statement about recent cuts.


For some middle and high school students marching band is one of the favorite memories of school.

Monday night, that extracurricular activity was cut short, when the Bledsoe County School Board voted to eliminate the band program.

Many parents are brokenhearted to hear that next year the band program, music class and the beloved teacher, Frank Hudson, will be gone.

"I am ashamed of our school board," Kenneth Wilburn, a grandparent to a band member, said.

Kenneth's granddaughter, Jaylen, says she can't imagine her life without band.

"I look forward to it every day and that's really the only reason I like coming to school is for band,' she said.

Jaylen is a junior at Bledsoe County High.

She left school early the day she heard the news.

"I probably wouldn't even be able to talk to you today if it hadn't been for going out in front of people and performing and doing all these things that we do in band. That's really made me come out of my shell," Jaylen said.

Other band members say the same thing.

"Band gave me people that were like me and I could fit in," Alex Johnson, a Bledsoe County High alumnus, said.

"It really helps kids that don't have friends," Brianne Smith, an alumnus, said, standing by her sister who is currently a part of the program.

"I would still be that lonely kids sitting at lunch by herself," Ashley Walker, a current band member, said.

At the time this article was published, NewsChannel 9 reached out to ALL 7 school board members and hadn't received a call back to explain why they voted to cut the program.

Our call to the Superintendent's office also wasn't returned.

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