Authorities Warn of "Life Insurance" Scam


The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department says there's a new scam targeting residents who have recently lost a loved one.

Here is the full text of a post on the HCSO's Facebook page:

"SCAM ALERT: HCSO Officials have been notified of a new scam being perpetrated on elderly residents or those who have recently lost loved ones in Hamilton County.

According to reports, people are receiving phone calls from various fraudulent life insurance companies stating their recently deceased loved one left a life insurance policy which needs to be paid out. In order for this policy to be paid out, the resident is asked to pay an amount of several thousand dollars in order to collect the life insurance pay out. Residents are asked to purchase a money card in order to pay the company for the official release of funds.

The fraudulent companies are not able to provide any account information or contact information until the money has been paid to the account.

If you feel you have been contacted or believe you may have been the victim of this scam, please contact your local law enforcement agency."

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