Audit finds Chattanooga's street cut workers not following city code

Image: WTVC

Chattanooga’s office of internal audit finds those responsible for street cuts are not following city code because of lack of manpower and poor repairs. The Land Development Office employs one person.

In a new audit, auditors discover there’s only one employee who inspects all street cuts in Chattanooga. Those are the quick fixes on the roads and can involve changes made to the roads for driveways, electrical or gas or sewer reasons, telecommunications, etc.

Auditors say they discovered the inspector can’t even complete half of the work required by law, which is hurting roads.

In order to create accountability of all contractors, auditor Stan Sewell says more inspectors need to be hired or city code needs to changed.

The audit office recommends increasing inspections from three to four to increase accountability for contractors moving forward.

"The city code needs to change or we need to allocate the right resources to do the inspections," said Sewell.

According to CDOT, they did ask for more inspectors in next year's budget but city council didn't approve that portion of the budget.

They will have to wait until next year.

They're not sure if they will add more inspections because they say, "If we do not have the proper manpower to do the three inspections it might be counterproductive to add a fourth inspection."

Read the full audit below:

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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