Charges dropped in Hamilton County against ETSU assistant football coach

Assistant ETSU football coach Scott Brummet is charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.


On Thursday, August 31st, Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston dropped all charges against Brumett.

Pinkston's office says they talked to the hotel clerk, who said he didn't want to press charges - he only wanted the coach to go to bed. And because there is no official victim in the case, Pinkston filed for the charges to be dropped.

We checked with officials at ETSU, who say he is still not employed with the university, and he will not be returning.

Depend on us for updates as we get them.


East Tennessee State University confirms it has suspended Defensive Line Football Coach Jeffrey Scott Brumett after a weekend arrest in Chattanooga. According to court paperwork, Brumett threatened to kill, beat, and hang a hotel clerk "from a noose" because his room key card didn't work. According to his biography on ETSU's website, Brumett helped coach the Chattanooga Mocs defensive line in 2007.

The affidavit says the encounter happened at the Residence Inn Marriott at 215 Chestnut Street on Saturday morning at 12:06 am. He's charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and public intoxication. Witnesses told police that Brumett slapped the counter and said he would kill the clerk because his key card didn't work after several attempts. Another witness told police that Brumett yelled he would "strangle him," "kill him," "beat him to a pulp," and "hang him from a noose."

ETSU spokesperson Joe Smith confirms that Brumett is suspended pending the outcome of their investigation. The Hamilton County Jail says Brumett bonded out of jail on June 24th for $4,000.

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