As deadline approaches, Chatt City Suites residents look for place to go

The Chatt City Suites are located in the Southside of Chattanooga. (Image: WTVC)

Many residents at a Southside motel are still scrambling to find a place to live.

Managers of Chatt City Suites told them just days before the New Year they had to leave.

Some folks have called Chatt City Suites home for years.

After a few days of searching for a new place to live, some are worried they won't have a home at all come January 15th.

“I don't want to be homeless,” said Eric T. Hammonds, a longtime Chatt City Suites resident.

Hammonds has lived at Chatt City Suites for two years.

He's been at the extended stay motel so long because he says this is one of the few places in town that accommodates people with disabilities.

"Leaving here is going to be a hinder to me. and I'm just waiting on tomorrow and see what's going to happen, go from there," said Hammonds.

Hammonds is blind in one eye and suffers from glaucoma in the other. His condition limits his housing options.

“I'm going to have to put my stuff in storage until I find permanent housing,” said Hammonds.

He says he's relying on officials from the Housing Authority to help find him a new home. The agency is expected to be on site Wednesday.

However, others aren't as concerned. Resident Delbert Vaughn is confident his faith will get him through this transition.

"Jesus never did stay in one place. He moved around a lot. Of course, he was walking. they didn't have public transportation then, all they had was camels and donkeys, but it’s all good, I trust in God," said Vaughn.

Vaughn has only lived at Chatt City Suites for a few weeks now, so he says he hasn't had a chance to fully plant his roots. However, he still worries for his neighbors, like Hammonds, who have lived here for years.

"You've got to think about the ones that are not so stable, that live month to month and they depended on this place to carry them somewhere, you know, get them off the street," said Vaughn.

Both Vaughn and Hammonds says Chatt City Suites have been helpful in this transition so far, but they don't know what to expect as the move out date rapidly approaches.

When we first found out about this situation, Chatt City Suites was cooperative with our station.

However, today our crew was not welcomed on the property. We weren't able to reach any manager for comment today.

The General Manager, Joyce Woodard, says the owner of the building chose not to renew the lease, and instead plans to remodel the building.

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