Artists ask community for feedback for Ed Johnson memorial

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In 1906, Ed Johnson was lynched on the Walnut Street Bridge. As Chattanoogans honor the legacy of the man who was accused of rape, but was innocent, they are asking their fellow community members for help.

The Ed Johnson Memorial Project hosted a public feedback session about the construction and design of Johnson's memorial.

Community members voiced how they feel the memorial should look and what key components they would like to see.

"I hope that we can create a memorial that shows the strength and the sadness of the situation," said one community member.

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Breck Gestinger with Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects says that his Charlottesville, VA based firm has a unique view on the project.

He explained that in the wake of recent events hitting their city, they are hyper aware of the realities of racial tension in our nation.

"This has given us not only a sense of urgency that the issues of hate and urgency that the issues of hate and injustice are still alive and still present."

Jerome Meadows is a semi-finalist in the competition as well, he says that aims to immerse himself in the overarching concepts that surround a project. He is drawing inspiration from excerpts of the book Contempt of the Court, which tells Johnson's story.

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