Amazon Chattanooga prepares for Prime Day

prime day photo:wtvc

Amazon Prime customers benefit from speedy shipping, but for two days a year prime members offer over a million discounts on Amazon. July 15th and 16th become some of the busiest days of the year for the over a thousand that are employed at the fulfillment facility in Chattanooga.

From taking in products, placing them into crates, that then get organized, which eventually get purchased. Once purchased the items are gotten from the over a million square foot facility, and then packaged and shipped to the buyer.

Amazon spokesperson Ali Hutchins says that they have already began gearing up for Prime Day saying that those two days are like "Christmas in July."

Bloomberg reports that Amazon employees in Minnesota plan to strike during Prime Day, and refuse to work citing labor conditions as the reason. Recently, Amazon raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour.

I asked Hutchins if she was at all concerned about potential walk outs or strikes here in Chattanooga, and she said no. Saying that employees are treated fairly, and adds...

"We invite anyone to come to a fulfillment center just like our fulfillment center here in Chattanooga to take a tour and see what it’s like fulfillment center."

This year Prime Day will have a new addition. There will be pages that buyers can choose from that offer products from small to medium sized businesses, including from locally in our area. Hutchins says that over 30 thousand small to medium sized businesses are represented on Amazon, which equals over 50 % of the total products they offer.

Hutchins says last year was the biggest Prime Day they've every had, and adds that they are expecting the same success in 2019.

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