Aloyse Brown wants to be Hamilton County's first female mayor

Aloyse Brown is running for Hamilton County Mayor. (Image: WTVC)

As a preacher's wife and mother of two, Aloyse Brown says she's running to make the community better and safer for her children.

"While it's one of the best places ever to live there's some challenges that we face that are pretty significant," Brown said.

Brown has a business background and right now she works for a non-profit.

"Managing multi-million dollar budgets for a multi-billion dollar employee benefits pension firm is the experience you need to do something like this," she explained.

Education is one of the topics she's most passionate about.

She wants more early education programs and better pay for teachers.

"Our teachers are paid 57th in the state while we're the 4th largest county," Brown said. "We lose really qualified teachers every year to surrounding counties that can offer more competitive pay."

She thinks communities that invest in education create a better economy.

"When everybody has access to good education, reliable infrastructure, safe neighborhoods to live in and livable wage jobs we all have the opportunity to succeed and unfortunately right now we have a lot of struggles with our schools," Brown said.

Brown says if she's elected, she'd also like to make changes at the Hamilton County jail.

She wants to tackle jail overcrowding and helping inmates once they're released.

"We also don't have a re-entry program. So, the day the people leave jail they're just left to their own devices and trying to figure out what's going on and that can be a struggle," she said.

Brown says for this campaign she's focused on government transparency. She thinks the county could do a better job of getting out information.

"The government isn't pushing out information in a very active way to the community. I think there are some innovative strategies that we can make sure people know what's going on, know where their tax dollars are going," Brown said.

Brown said she would change the county commission meeting time from 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, to a time when the general public could attend.

Aloyse has never run for public office.

She will go up against incumbent Jim Coppinger for the August 2nd general election.

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